G-7 summit: PM Modi's proposal to make vaccine patent-free gets wide support.

Prime Minister Modi addressed the G-7 summit session in Cornwall, UK through digital medium. In his address, he underlined India's civilizational commitment to democracy, ideological freedom and independence.

G-7 summit: PM Modi's proposal to make vaccine patent-free gets wide support.
Narendra Modi : Prime minister of India

Prime Minister Narendra's proposal in the G-7 summit of the world's powerful countries has received wide support, in which he called for the vaccine to be free from the patent.

PM Modi said India is a natural partner of G7.

On Sunday at the conference, PM Modi said that India is a natural partner of the G-7 in defending shared values ​​from the threats posed by dictatorship, terrorism, violent extremism, false information, and economic coercion.

In his virtual address at the session 'Free Society and Open Economies', PM Modi underlined India's commitment to democracy, ideological freedom, and independence. Senior External Affairs Ministry official P Harish said that India and South Africa's proposal to patent-free anti-Covid vaccines at the summit was widely supported by top leaders.

Harish said Modi's proposal to exempt trade-related intellectual property rights (TRIPS) in the WTO was strongly supported by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Harish said that the world leaders present at the conference appreciated the views of the Prime Minister. As chair of the G-7, Britain had invited India, Australia, South Korea, South Africa as special guests to the summit. For the first time, the group leaders met in person since the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in the conference, which lasted from 11 to 13.