Health Tips: Can diabetics also drink coconut water? Know the amazing health benefits of this 'desi drink'.

Health Tips: Can diabetics also drink coconut water? Know the amazing health benefits of this 'desi drink'.

Coconut water is considered to be one of the most beneficial drinks for health. Drinking coconut water daily can be part of your healthy diet. It is helpful in preventing fat and cholesterol from increasing in the body along with being low in calories. The most important thing is that coconut water is considered to protect against the problem of dehydration and easily supply many types of nutrients to the body.

Studies show that people who regularly consume coconut water have a significantly lower risk of electrolyte imbalance problems. Electrolytes are minerals that are considered helpful in keeping the body energetic.

Coconut water is mildly sweet in taste, so the question arises whether diabetics can also consume it? How does coconut water affect blood sugar levels? Let us know on the basis of studies how consuming coconut water can be beneficial for the body?

Coconut water in diabetes

Health experts believe that in most cases, consuming coconut water is beneficial for diabetes patients. Animal studies found that coconut water can be beneficial in keeping blood sugar levels under control. Coconut water has a glycemic index of only 3 which makes it a suitable drink for diabetic patients. Things with a glycemic index of less than 55 are considered very beneficial in diabetes.

Coconut water is rich in electrolytes

The amount of calories and carbs in coconut water is very less as compared to sports drinks. In addition to potassium, sodium and magnesium, it contains a variety of electrolytes that the body needs on a regular basis to function optimally. Coconut water can be very helpful in keeping the body hydrated and energetic. It can be called the most beneficial desi drink.

Beneficial for those with high blood pressure

Most people do not get enough potassium from their diet. This mineral helps remove excess sodium from the body through your urine. Early research indicates that the potassium in coconut water may help lower blood pressure. However, if you are taking blood pressure medication, it may be better to discuss this with your doctor before consuming coconut water.

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