How Hunter Johnson totally changed his life in the recent years with Global Informatics

How Hunter Johnson totally changed his life in the recent years with Global Informatics

From rags to riches, this is not just a saying or quote. Time by time people have proven their potential and achieved something extraordinary which has made them rich from the rags too. The journey of the dark prince of the internet Hunter Johnson resembles the sayings, as he turned a millionaire even after being homeless. Well, the more you get grilled, the more you will grow! At the tender age of 13 Hunter started his journey by making a video game. His passion and love for video games were unending, so he decided to make this passion his career. But obstacles and problems were following him in this journey as 5 years later, at the age of 18 he found himself homeless without any support to kick-start his dreams.

Yet the conqueror never loses hope, even after not having any resources or help, he never gave up. He was left with his old phone and laptop only, in the name of his possessions and he worked hard to achieve his dreams and passion. From sitting at McDonald's to using Wi-Fi to sleeping on the bench, he has faced a lot of difficulties on the way to success. 

In search of a stable income and a better lifestyle, he somehow managed couch surfing at his friend's house too. He knew that he needed to change his lifestyle to achieve bigger goals, so he started working on video games along with doing jobs. He continued to grind himself to lead a financially free future. 

And after two years of struggle and hard work, a turning point came in his life, when Hunter Johnson got the biggest opportunity at that time. It was from the dubbed Atlantic Craft Channel on YouTube, where he started creating promotional series for video games and the success of the channel paved the way for more such opportunities. 

Now Hunter had his home, he enrolled himself at Arizona State University. But his passion was calling him and he dropped out of the university in his second year. The main reason was he wasn't feeling confident, he needed a smarter and quicker way of making money. 

He started trading along with making video games, and then he got to know about the data business. He has now become the founder of Global Informatics—an information aggregator in the virtual data space. Hunter creates custom algorithms alongside his team to gather every piece of information currently available on the web concerning a specific topic. He has been able to build Global Informatics into a seven-figure brand, he is thankful for his extraordinary abilities and experience in game design.

In his journey from sleepless nights in the park to now producing seven incomes in a single month, Hunter has achieved his aim of financial independence. Just at the age of 25, he created a lucrative business that altered the entrepreneurial landscape. Global Informatics is starting to work on bigger projects, one of which is to develop an online market similar to Craigslist.