In the UN, Russia got only China's support on this proposal, India kept itself away from voting, know what is the matter?

UN NEWS: Russia's First Deputy Permanent Representative Dmitry Polansky said before the vote at the UN Security Council that the vote "will prove to be an important milestone for the Security Council".

In the UN, Russia got only China's support on this proposal, India kept itself away from voting, know what is the matter?

United Nations Security Council: A draft resolution demanding the formation of a commission of inquiry to investigate Russia's claims of Ukraine and the US using "biological weapons" failed to pass Wednesday. Only two members of the council, Russia and China, voted in its favor. America, Britain and France voted against it. At the same time, other members of the council including India did not take part in the voting.


Counselor of the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations, A. Amarnath pointed out that India attaches great importance to the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC), the first non-discriminatory disarmament treaty to ban weapons of mass destruction. "We are committed to enhance the effectiveness of BWC and fully implement it," he said.


'India didn't vote on the resolution'

Amarnath said India reiterates the need to negotiate a comprehensive and legally binding 'protocol' to provide an effective, universal and non-discriminatory verification mechanism so that the BWC is fully implemented. "It is necessary to strengthen the BWC and its implementation by other countries and we hope that the current situation will encourage countries to consider, negotiate and finalize such protocols at an early date," he said. He said that considering all these facts, India decided not to participate in the voting on the resolution.


US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield said in a statement to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on the resolution introduced by Russia, "voted against this resolution because it is based on propaganda, dishonesty, ill-will and has a disrespect to this body." Doesn't express full respect." He said that Russia was unable to present any credible evidence to support its claims, "As you can see in today's poll no one believes its claims except China. I will not waste any more time and energy on Russia's lies. Nor should the Security Council. Not at all at a time when troops still occupy Ukrainian territory, when Russian forces are attacking Ukrainian civilians and committing war crimes. Instead of letting Russia waste our time, we should focus on the reality and the horror that Russia has inflicted on the people of Ukraine."


What did Russia say about the proposal?

Russia's first deputy permanent representative, Dmitry Polansky, said before the vote at the UNSC that the vote "will be an important milestone for the Security Council". Biological and Toxic Weapons Convention) framework and seeks to bring to light all facts relating to violations of BTWC obligations by the United States and Ukraine with respect to biological activities in Ukrainian laboratories. If not today or tomorrow, the accountability of criminals will be fixed before the world for such illegal activities.


Russia last week provided council members with a 310-page document alleging that biological weapons are being used in Ukraine with the help of the US Defense Ministry. The document also included an official complaint.