Mother who murdered her 5 kids Euthanised after 16 years in Belgium, the whole story will shock you!

Mother who killed her 5 children Euthanised on her appeal. The whole world was shocked to know the story of a woman who strangled her own 5 children to death. Even though she left this world, but the story of her brutality created history.

Mother who murdered her 5 kids Euthanised after 16 years in Belgium, the whole story will shock you!

A Mother do every possible thing for her kids happiness and safety, Mother's status is given above every relation. But there are some mothers who do the work of defaming Mamta. Genevieve Lhermitte is no longer in this world, she has been given euthanasia. But everyone was shocked to know about the brutality she did 16 years ago.

5 children strangled to death

56-year-old Genevieve, who lives in Nivelles, Belgium, slit the throats of her son and four daughters aged 3-14 with a kitchen knife. She did this in the absence of the children's father. Media reports said she had stolen two knives from the supermarket on the day of the murder. Yasmeen (14), Nora (12), Miriam (10), Mina (seven) and Mehdi (three) were killed in the attack. The incident is of 2007.

The woman was psychopath

After killing the children, Genevieve tries to kill herself. But she could not succeed. He confessed to his crime by calling emergency services. Lhermitte was sentenced to life in prison in 2008, before being moved to a psychiatric hospital in 2019.

During the hearing of the case, she told the court that I gave a son to (my husband) and killed him. I lost all the children by my mistake. He was not at fault. I will suffer till my last days and this is my punishment.

The right to choose euthanasia in Belgium

Genevieve was euthanized after 16 years. Her lawyer, Nicolas Cohen, confirmed that his client would be euthanized on 28 February 2023. Belgian law allows people to choose euthanasia if they suffer intolerable psychological suffering. 

The person who is asking for euthanasia is seen whether the person is aware of their decision or not. If he/she is able to express their wish in a rational way, then they gets Euthanasia. 

According to officials, 2,966 people died through euthanasia in Belgium last year, which is 10 percent more than in 2021. Patients with cancer demanded the highest euthanasia.