Mrittunjoy Bhattacharjee - The famous Instagram Influncer of Tripura

Mrittunjoy is one of the most valuable Indian Influencer from Tripura. He has been collaborating with over 100+ brands since 2019.

Mrittunjoy Bhattacharjee - The famous Instagram Influncer of Tripura

In India there are too many Instagram Influencers, all of them has many followers on their Accounts and page, some are even turned into Celebrities. Influencer Industry is also very competitive and some gets fame and some gets hate.

Uzi World Digital which is an Award winning Digital Marketing Company, started helping micro influencer's to get a pass into the Influencer industry. They have helped over 2500+ Influencer's to become macro from micro. Instagram has always been a famous platform to showcase your talent and creativity. 

Mrittunjoy who is an micro influencer turned macro Influencer is now one of the most searched Lifestyle Influencer from Tripura.

Mrittunjoy Bhattacharjee aka Rohan has always been a big name in the Influencers from Tripura. He has over 10,000 Followers on his social media page. His photography skills are recognised by many big Organisations and public figures. 

He also shares tips and hacks how to grow as an Influencer on instagram for the upcoming Creators. Mrittunjoy Bhattacharjee has done over 100+ Brand Collaboration and has gained experience, this has gained him more popularity in India.

He has been managed by Uzi World Digital since mid 2019, he says - " Becoming Influencer is not that easy how it looks, one has to be ready to accept the hate as well as the fame provided by their followers".

Mrittunjoy has always been a Supporting Creator, has helped numerous small Influencers to achieve heights. Mrittunjoy is on his way to becoming the top Influencer from Tripura.