Mumbai Power Grid: Cyber Attack ? How does China do cyber attacks, how can India deal with them?

The clashes between Indian and Chinese troops in Galvan in June last year and then the failure of the power grid in a large part of Mumbai in October four months later - both incidents were interlinked and Chinese involvement in it has come to the fore.

Mumbai Power Grid: Cyber Attack ? How does China do cyber attacks, how can India deal with them?

This is not the first time that China is facing allegations of cyber attack. The US has also accused China of cyber attacks earlier.

In 2014, the US accused Chinese military officials of stealing internal documents and business secrets from five private companies and a labor organization. In addition, in July last year, the US State Department sent a letter to the Chinese Consulate in Houston, Texas. Closed, the US had alleged that China was stealing Intellectual property from America.

At that time, the director of the US intelligence agency FBI described the Chinese government's espionage and information theft as "the greatest long-term threat" to America's future. Apart from America, countries like Australia, Vietnam, Taiwan have also accused China of various types of cyber attacks.

Therefore, it is important to know that what China has after all, which can easily carry out such cyber attacks in this way.

Chinese Cyber Army:

Karthik Bomakantik of the Observer Research Foundation has written a research paper analyzing the cyber army of India and China.

As per the sources, "China has a separate force called PLA-SSF to carry out such cyber attacks."

PLA-SSF stands for People's Liberation Army - Strategic Support Force. In 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping made many changes in the army. It was established during that time. The SSF is fully capable of executing such attacks. They do this by resorting to security trails, tools and analytics information systems.

How many people are included in this force, who is the head, all the concrete information of these does not come out. According to estimates, the number of people involved in this force is in thousands.

General level officers of the PLA head this wing. On the basis of information gathered from different sources, it is known that some people also work under this force, who are not directly connected with the SSF, but they work at their behest. They can also be hackers, which are used for cyber attacks. Therefore, while talking about cyber attacks, we should take care that the people of SSF army may not be directly involved in some attacks. But with his consent and the help of others, he may have been attacked. "

Cyber ​​attack on Mumbai power grid:

Talking about the attack on October 12 last year in Mumbai, Karthik says, "The risk of such a cyber attack will remain on India as long as the Chinese electricity, hard-ware, software is used in the country's electricity grid." Will be done in

It appears that a similar Chinese has been used inside the Mumbai State Electricity Grid, which gave China an indication that it could carry out such attacks. For such a cyber attack, hackers and software programmers will need to generate a code that creates malware and then performs such attacks. "

Actually, words like 'malware' and 'Trojan' have also been used in the report of the Government of Maharashtra. The Union Minister of Power has also mentioned this in the statement.