NEXT WELLNESS Developed New Heat oil Therapy…..

NEXT WELLNESS Developed New Heat oil Therapy…..

Next Wellness is a clinic that has created a successful therapy.  This therapy is making a very effective difference in knee osteoarthritis and other diseases and can provide quick relief from knee osteoarthritis.  Till now more than 1000 patients have recovered.

Knee pain and slipped discs and arthritis are a common complaint: Many factors such as obesity (overweight), lack of flexibility and previous injuries can increase the risk of knee and other problems.

 It occurs for many reasons and can affect different structures of the knee.

 Common knee injuries include sprains, strains, tears in the cartilage lining the joints, and inflammation of the knee joints.

 Minor injuries usually heal on their own, but it's important to have each injury checked out and evaluated by a healthcare professional.

 Acute and persistent knee pain requires proper medical attention to increase the chances of a full recovery.

 Heat Oil Therapy:

 Applying heat during the recovery phase helps in faster healing.

 When applied correctly, heat can reduce muscle tension and promote relaxation.

 Prevent knee pain:

Follow these tips to prevent the occurrence of knee pain.

Take time to warm up before any physical activity.

Do some strength training for the leg muscles.

Avoid sudden changes in workout intensity.  Allow enough time for the knees to adjust by starting small and then progressing over time.

Choose the right shoes for the activity and replace worn-out footwear regularly.  This helps ensure adequate support for the entire leg, including the knee.

If necessary, wear knee protectors when playing sports or engaging in risky activities.

Maintain a healthy weight, as excess weight increases the risk of osteoarthritis.  If the patient takes care in this way, the suffering of the patient will be reduced quickly.