Origin of Coronavirus: Demand from US experts -Investigation of the origin of corona should continue, asked China to be transparent

Origin of Coronavirus The needle of suspicion about the origin of the corona virus once again rests on the Chinese laboratory Wuhan Institute of Virology. The US intelligence report made several claims. China has rejected this. The US has asked to continue the investigation.

Origin of Coronavirus: Demand from US experts -Investigation of the origin of corona should continue, asked China to be transparent

Origin of Coronavirus, where did the corona virus come from? Is it a natural virus or has it been created in the lab. This is a puzzle that has not been solved since the beginning of 2020. Millions of people in the world have fallen prey to infection with this virus, while several lakh lives have been lost to Corona. But the answer to this question has not been found yet, where did the corona virus originate?

Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fauci (Dr.Anthony Fauci), a world-renowned American expert on the corona virus, and several American experts have raised their voices again about the investigation of the origin of the corona. American experts have said that the investigation into the origin of the corona should continue. He has demanded a re-investigation into the origin of the corona from the World Health Organization (WHO). With this, China has also been asked to be transparent in the investigation this time.

Dr. Rashtrapati Bhavan, Chief Medical Advisor of US Rashtrapati Bhavan. Anthony Fauci said in a program, 'We feel strongly that we should continue with this investigation and go to the next stage of investigation which is done by WHO. He said that because we do not know 100% what is the origin of (corona virus), it is necessary that we look and examine it.

The White House Senior Advisor for COVID Response on Virus Origin has made a statement about China. He said that we need a transparent process from China. We need WHO to help in that case, don't think we have it right now. We need to get to the bottom of it, whatever the answer, and it is an important priority for us.

US intelligence report claims about Wuhan lab

Earlier, the US brought an intelligence report about China. The US intelligence report claimed that three months before the corona epidemic was exposed to the world, not only did three employees of this laboratory fall ill, but they also underwent treatment at the hospital. This report, published in the Wall Street Journal, gives detailed information about the number of sick lab researchers in the laboratory, the time of their illness, and the hospitalization. Significantly, this US intelligence report came just before the World Health Organization (WHO) meeting to discuss the next phase of investigation on corona genesis. Due to this, it is believed that it will not be easy for the WHO to ignore it.

However, China has rejected this intelligence report. After this disclosure, the demand for a comprehensive investigation before the WHO on the possibility of spreading the virus from the laboratory may again get a boost. Significantly, earlier in many international reports, China has been accused of leaking the virus from the Wuhan laboratory.