Russia may launch nuclear attack on 31st anniversary of independence, Ukrainian President Zelensky warns everyone

Ukrainian President Zelensky has issued a message saying that Ukrainians need to be very vigilant for the next one week. He has warned his citizens that on this occasion Russia can hatch some big conspiracy.

Russia may launch nuclear attack on 31st anniversary of independence, Ukrainian President Zelensky warns everyone

It has been 179 days since the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Russia ruined Ukraine city after city. Brick by brick was scattered. People's lives were snatched away. On 24 February, when the Ukraine war started, only a few days after that, the nuclear threat started looming. There were threats of nuclear strikes on Ukraine. But it has been 6 months after the war. NATO countries openly supported Ukraine. But till now there is no chance of atomic attack. But the threat of nuclear war is not averted. Russia's nuclear force is still on alert mode. A new installment of threats is being released. Russia has started attacking around the nuclear plant in Ukraine. The Russian army has attacked residential areas in the Mykolaiv region. Several private houses and a five-storey building were damaged in the attack. Many children are also among those injured.

Although, like the continuous attack on Ukraine, this is also an attack, but its signs are very dangerous. The place where Russia has attacked is only 30 kilometers away from the nuclear power plant. The Pivdneukrinsk nuclear power plant is Ukraine's second largest power plant and echoes of the Mykolaiv attack were even heard. Obviously, this attack has raised the fear of nuclear war a little higher. The fear is even greater because the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant remains at risk. It is feared that Japorizia may be attacked by biological weapons. However, members of the Zaporizhia Regional State Administration Council, formed with the support of Russia, claim that Ukrainian forces can target innocent people of Zaporizhia.

Be alert for next one week, Russia can also do nuclear attack - Zelensky

Amidst this allegation, the President of Ukraine has asked its citizens to be alert. Zelensky has issued a message saying that Ukrainians need to be very vigilant for the next one week. This warning comes at a time when Ukraine will celebrate the 31st anniversary of independence from the Soviet Union on 24 August. Zelensky has warned his citizens that Russia could hatch a big conspiracy on this occasion. Anyone can make a big attack. And the way the 72-hour battle has reached the 179th day. He is afraid that Russia may also do an atomic attack. This is the reason why Zelensky has instructed everyone to stay in safe places.

Sensational claim made by ex-Russian spy

However, amidst nuclear fear, the former Russian spy made a sensational claim in an interview. He said that Russian President Putin will think a hundred times before doing this. Because doing an atomic attack will neither be in Russia's interest nor in Putin's interest. In a lengthy interview to a British newspaper, former KGB spy Jack Barsky claimed that President Putin's decision on nuclear attack would be like signing a death warrant. Regarding the first nuclear attack after 77 years, he said that I do not think that President Putin will do this. Doing so would result in his own death sentence because if Putin carried out a nuclear attack, the whole world would fall on Russia.

Russia has more nuclear bombs than NATO countries

Former KGB spy Jack Barsky said President Putin is very angry about the Ukraine war. But it does not seem that he will take his anger beyond the extreme. Although Russia has more nuclear bombs than NATO countries. Jack Barsky also fiercely criticized Western leaders. Especially the way Joe Biden called Putin a war criminal, he was angry with him. He said that such a mistake is made when politics dominates foreign policy. Despite this, Russian spies appeared to be confident about their claims. He reiterated that Putin would think a hundred times before launching an atomic attack. Despite this, if he takes such a decision, he will cause himself the biggest loss.

Many times threat of atomic attack

Let us tell you that from President Putin to the Foreign Minister of Russia, former President, all the officials of Kremnil have threatened nuclear attack many times. President Putin himself has met with the chief of Russia's nuclear command. Atomic missiles are deployed by fixing the target. Despite this, Putin has not yet taken a nuclear decision. Obviously, President Putin also knows the situation very well. Because he has said many times that his army is out to conquer the people of Ukraine, not Ukraine.