Satyapal Malik Interview: 'Will this dialogue increase the race for ED-CBI?' Rahul Gandhi interviewed Satyapal Malik

Rahul Gandhi has done an interview with Satyapal Malika. This video of the conversation between the two leaders has been uploaded on Rahul's YouTube account. Rahul has also shared information regarding this in a social media post made on Twitter.

Satyapal Malik Interview: 'Will this dialogue increase the race for ED-CBI?' Rahul Gandhi interviewed Satyapal Malik

A video of senior Congress leader and MP from Wayanad, Kerala Rahul Gandhi talking with former Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satyapal Malik has surfaced. Information about this video has been given by Rahul Gandhi himself through a post on his X account. In this video that lasts for about half an hour, Rahul Gandhi and Satyapal Malik are seen talking on many issues.

Attack due to flaws

In the conversation between the two leaders, mainly Pulwama attack, situation in Jammu and Kashmir and Adani issue were discussed. Besides, Rahul Gandhi is also seen talking to Satyapal Malik about his old days. In the video of the conversation uploaded on Rahul Gandhi's official YouTube account, Malik blamed the government's shortcomings for the 2019 Pulwama attack.

No investigation was done

In this interview also he reiterated that 'he told two channels that this attack happened due to our fault, but I was asked not to say this anywhere.

"I felt that my statements might affect the investigation, but no investigation was done. It was used for election purposes. On the third day after the attack, PM Modi gave a speech in which he used it politically."

There was demand for five planes

In the interview, Satyapal Malik also explained the reasons for the Pulwama attack. He said that CRPF had requested for five aircraft, but their application was pending in the Home Ministry for four months, which was later rejected.

Wrong decision to go by road

Malik told that if he had been asked for planes, he could have made arrangements immediately. I had provided aircraft to the students stranded in the snow. Planes are easily available on rent in Delhi. Malik says that after the application was rejected, the soldiers decided to go through the road, which was already considered unsafe.

Government failed to keep promise

Speaking on the issue of Adani, Satyapal Malik said that the government failed to keep its promise on MSP because Adani has built huge warehouses. Bought crops at throwaway prices, next year their prices will increase and he will sell them. If MSP is implemented, farmers will not sell their products at cheaper rates.

Government has no control in Manipur

The situation in Manipur was also discussed between Rahul Gandhi and Satyapal Malik. Satyapal Malik said that the government has no control in Manipur. He claimed that all this is now only for six months. I can give it in writing. They will not return to power.