The entire village of Spain is being sold in the sale, the price is only Rs 2 crore

Salto De Castro Village Spain: A village in Spain has been deserted for a long time, after which the entire village is now being sold for just Rs 2 crore. Salto de Castro, a Spanish village with more than 44 homes, is up for sale.

The entire village of Spain is being sold in the sale, the price is only Rs 2 crore
The entire village of Spain is being sold in the sale, image source: inshort

Entire Village On Sale For ₹ 2 Crore In Spain: Most of us dream of buying a house or a villa, but have you ever dreamed of buying an entire village? Often it is not easy to buy a house or flat at a good place in big cities, for this a considerable amount has to be spent.

You may have to spend one and a half to two crore rupees at some places, but there is a place in Spain where a whole village can be bought in this amount. According to a BBC report, there is a village in Spain which has been deserted for 30 years. Salto de Castro, a Spanish village with over 44 houses, is up for sale, priced at €227,000 (Rs 2,16,87,831)

According to the outlet, Salto de Castro is situated on the border of Spain and Portugal. The buildings of this village built on high hills have become dilapidated. This village has been lying deserted for almost 30 years. It is about 3 hours away from the city of Madrid. Apart from 44 houses, the village has a hotel, a school, a municipal swimming pool, a church, a sports complex and an old civil guard. ) is a barracks building. 

It was further told that, a man from Galicia had bought the village of Salto De Castro with the intention of turning it into a tourist destination around the year 2000. However, the 2008 recession amid the eurozone crisis forced the plans to be shelved. This project had to be stopped. Ronnie Rodriguez, owner of Royal Invest, the company that bought this village, says that his dream wanted to make this village a hotel, but his dream could not be fulfilled. 

The property is listed on Idealista, a Spanish retail website. The owner in the website said, 'I am selling as I am an urban resident and cannot maintain the upkeep of the village'. He made this statement on the Idealista website where the village is listed for sale.

According to the BBC, a potential buyer has already put down money to reserve it. The village has been sold for £227,000, which is roughly equivalent to Rs 2 crore. Comparatively, a quick search reveals that it is less than the cost of many apartments in New Delhi.

The retail page has reportedly been viewed over 50,000 times. More than 300 parties from Britain, France, Belgium and Russia have also shown interest in this. Rodriguez told the BBC that, 'a potential buyer has already put down money to keep it safe.'

From the 1950s an electricity generation firm, Iberdrola were housing workers who were building a nearby reservoir in the Salto de Castro. However, once the work was completed, the workers left the village and by the 1980s it was completely abandoned.