Today's night can be the coldest of the year for the UK, warning of Met Office

It is freezing cold in the UK these days. For the coming one week, meteorologists have predicted a similar cold here.

Today's night can be the coldest of the year for the UK, warning of Met Office

Do you know that there is a country in the world where it is getting so cold that even a sweater and jacket is not working? Right now it is getting very cold in which it has become difficult for the people of the UK to come out of the house. 

It is freezing cold in the United Kingdom. Along with the blizzard, meteorologists have predicted that such weather will continue here for another week. Today i.e. on March 9, the cold will break all the records. A 16-inch sheet of snow is being seen on the roads.

Right now people here will have to bear the same cold. According to WX Charts, the most accurate weather forecasting advance weather modeling map, cold winds are going to come from many directions in this country right now. In such a situation, the cold is not going to end. 

Extremely cold in the UK 

According to meteorologists, March 9 will prove to be extremely dangerous for the UK. People will have to bear the wrath of cold winds in parts of Northern Ireland, Scotland and England till 6 pm today. After this, this gust of cold winds will go till March 10 till Wales and Midlands. That is, on March 9 and 10, there will be severe cold in these areas of UK. Apart from these areas, meteorologists have also predicted severe cold in Derby, Leeds, Manchester and Bradford.

Thick layer of snow on the roads

According to WX Charts, there will be 16 inches of snow on the roads in many parts of the UK. It has been forbidden to exit. It is also very dangerous to drive on the roads in such cold. Not only this, there is also a possibility of heavy rain after snowfall. This cold will continue for a week. The cold is likely to subside by next week, after which the snow will start melting.