Toxic Relationship: If your partner behaves like this with you, then it means you are in a toxic relationship.

To run a relationship, it is necessary to have all these things like love, respect, trust and understanding for each other and that too from both the sides. Lack of it or ignorance from either side can spoil the vehicle of the relationship and make it toxic. The entry of some things into a relationship can make it worse. The sooner you get out of it, the better.

Toxic Relationship: If your partner behaves like this with you, then it means you are in a toxic relationship.

Popular TV actress Nidhi V Seth has ended her relationship with 'Pavitra Rishta' fame Karan Veer Mehra. Both of them got married in Delhi in the year 2021. Nidhi V Seth told about this in an interview. People used to like this couple a lot, but now they want to know what happened that their marriage could not last even for a year. Nidhi has revealed this in this interview. Nidhi told, 'We got divorced three months ago. We separated about a year ago. I feel toxicity should not be accepted in any relationship.'' Nidhi also told about Karan's personality, which was completely strange for her. He also told what things are important in marriage.

Nidhi says, “Mental peace, respect for each other, loyalty and financial stability are very important things in marriage. It is important to consider all these things before getting into a relationship.

Living in a toxic relationship is a different kind of stress that people go through, but are unable to accept and think of separating from their partner. Recently this thing was also shown in Alia Bhatt starrer Darling movie. Your partner harasses you, beats you, abuses you in different ways, but after all, if you talk a little lovingly, then women forget all these atrocities. Let us tell you that this is a sign of a toxic relationship.

Other signs of a toxic relationship

Always doing evil
If your partner keeps talking bad about you all the time, keeps trying to humiliate you. If he doesn't respect your every big and small decision, then it means you are living in a toxic relationship.

Try to control

Your partner tries to control you all the time. Don't do these things, don't talk to him, meet less family members, things like this show that your life is not controlled by you but by your partner and this is not at all good for the relationship.

Creating a false image

If your partner does not shy away from creating a bad image of you among your family, friends and colleagues whenever he gets a chance, then it is also a sign that you are living in a toxic relationship. Leave as soon as possible.

Fight over everything

If your partner keeps finding excuses to fight with you on every issue, then it is also a sign that the relationship is not going to last long. If you keep trying to explain and the other person keeps trying to fight, then there is no possibility of making the relationship work.