UK News: Changes for foreign students in Britain, may be allowed to work longer hours

Foreign students may be allowed to work longer in the UK. So far foreign students were allowed to work for 20 hours a week, which is being considered to be increased to 30 hours.

UK News: Changes for foreign students in Britain, may be allowed to work longer hours

International students, including Indians, may be allowed to work longer in the UK. According to a report, more part time jobs may be approved to meet the shortage of people working in various sectors across the country. According to reports, currently there are around 680,000 foreign students in the UK who are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours a week during their session. However, to boost its economy, the government is considering increasing the working hours from 20 hours to 30 hours.

Most Indian students in UK

Of the 1.1 million migrants who arrived in Britain last year, 4.76 million were international students. Among these international students, 1 lakh 61 thousand were Indian students. Therefore, India has become the largest source of foreign students coming to the UK. According to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, there are about 1.3 million vacancies in the country, which is about five million more than before the pandemic. Sources say that there is a shortage of workers in the businesses. To deal with this, it is being considered to remove the restriction on working hours of foreign students. However, this idea is still in early stages.

Home Secretary wants to reduce the number of foreign students

However, Home Secretary Suella Braverman is working on reducing the number of foreign students coming to the country, which could put the plan on hold. Last year the number of migrants reached five lakh four thousand. Braverman has developed a proposal to reduce this number. According to which the period of stay of foreign students in Britain after completion of their courses can be reduced. 

Universities can go bankrupt

Restrictions on the number of dependents and overseas students coming to the UK are also being considered. However, the Department for Education says this would bankrupt UK universities which rely on foreign students for money. According to UK Consultancy, overseas students contribute to the UK economy through fees of £10,000 to £26,000. Indian students will be forced to relocate to countries like Australia and Canada if the graduation work visa is banned in the UK.