US accuses South Africa of supplying arms to Russia, Vladimir Putin calls Cyril Ramaphosa

Russian President Vladimir Putin is reported to have had a phone conversation with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa.

US accuses South Africa of supplying arms to Russia, Vladimir Putin calls Cyril Ramaphosa

The issue of supply of arms and ammunition to Russia from South Africa has become hot. On this allegation of America, on Friday, the Foreign Ministry of South Africa summoned the American ambassador and questioned him regarding the allegation.

Meanwhile, there is a report of a phone conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and South African President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The US has accused South Africa of supplying arms and ammunition to Russia for use in the Ukraine war.

South Africa has denied this and soon African Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor will talk to American counterpart Antony Blinken in this regard.

Earlier on Thursday, US Ambassador to South Africa Reuben Brigety said that in December 2022, South Africa had loaded arms and ammunition from its Simon Town naval base on a Russian ship. South Africa made this supply to Russia after sanctions had been imposed on Russia.

Brigety said that this move of South Africa is completely unacceptable to America. Following Brigety's statement, African President Ramaphosa has ordered an investigation into the arrival of the Russian cargo ship Lady R.

Russia and Ukraine's own claims regarding Bakhmut

Russia and Ukraine have made different claims regarding the ongoing fighting in the city of Bakhmut. Where the Russian army claimed to reach the front left two days ago.

At the same time, the army of Ukraine has said that it has regained its land there. Both the armies have claimed to have strengthened their respective positions around the strategically important city.

Meanwhile, there is news of intensification of fighting once again. Both the armies have been fighting for the possession of this city for the last ten months, but it has become a difficult task for the Russians to drive out the Ukrainian army stationed in large underground bases.

China's special envoy will go to Ukraine for a ceasefire

China will send its special envoy to Ukraine and Russia next week as part of the ceasefire efforts. Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin has said that China has appointed Li Hui as its special envoy.

Hui is an expert on European affairs and has served as China's ambassador to Russia. Apart from Ukraine and Russia, he will also visit Poland, France and Germany. Ukraine will create conditions to stop the war by holding talks with the leaders and officials there.