US bombers aircraft flown in Middle-East in anticipation of attack from Iran.

US bombers aircraft flown in Middle-East in anticipation of attack from Iran.

The B-52, one among America's most dangerous bomber fighters, flew through the Gulf of the sky amid fears of an attack from Iran. Earlier on Wednesday, two B-52 bombers were seen flying within the Bay Area.

This is the second time this month that US fighter jets have appeared within the skies of the Gulf region. consistent with media reports, Iran is plotting to attack US allies in Iraq or elsewhere.

It is believed that America is taking this step in response to the present. Consistent with the defense sources of America, Iran is plotting to try to do something big.

It is being told that there could also be major action from Iran before Joe Biden takes over as US President in January. US fighter jets flew from North Dakota on Wednesday and circled the Bay Area and went back to their airbases.

Earlier this year, on January 3, the US killed Iran's military commander General Qasem Soleimani during a drone strike. Iran was completely furious after this one incident.

Five days after Soleimani's death, Iran fired a missile at a US military camp in Iraq. About 100 soldiers were injured during this . The revenge fire in Iran has still not calmed down and he wants to show America a lesson. Last week, an Iran-backed Shiite group fired rockets at the US embassy in Baghdad.

America told the reason
When its bombers flew within the Gulf region, the US has said that this is often a step taken for its safety. The commander of the Central Command, General Frank McKenzie, said the US Central Command is practicing this to stay itself ready against any quite threat. we would like to stay ourselves ready for war. We don't want tension, but our strength to guard ourselves shouldn't be underestimated.