What is Signal App, how are the features and why better than WhatsApp ...?

What is Signal App, how are the features and why better than WhatsApp ...?

If you too have heard many things about Signal App many times in the last few days and want to know about this app in detail, then you are reading the right article. In this article, we are going to tell you about this signal app in detail. Let us tell you that WhatsApp has revealed about its new privacy policy a few days ago. WhatsApp says that if the users do not agree with their policy then they have to close their WhatsApp account.

Signal App played WhatsApp band

Now users are not liking WhatsApp's new privacy policy at all. In such a situation, users are turning to other apps. As an alternative to WhatsApp, people are liking the Signal app and in the last few days, the Signal app has been downloaded by so many people that the Signal app's server has been down. This information has been given by tweeting by the Signal app itself.

Signal app tweeted information

The Signal app has given information via tweet, due to a lot of people suddenly downloading the app simultaneously, the verification code is facing problems, but for this their team is working. Let us tell you that the Signal app has come on top in the list of free apps in Apple's App Store.

Is Signal App better than Telegram ...?

After the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, users are looking for WhatsApp option. As an option, users are particularly liking two apps, one is Signal App and the other is Telegram App. A lot of talk is being made about Telegram, many people have also downloaded that app, but the Signal app has left behind all other options including Telegram in terms of security and permissions. In such a situation, now Telegram and Signal app will surely adopt all the tricks to attract the users in this era, who are looking for the option of WhatsApp. However, let us tell you some important things about the Signal app.

Signal means 'Say Hello to Privacy'

WhatsApp's new privacy policy says that it will use users' personal data to grow their business. At the same time, the tagline of Signal App is the biggest option of WhatsApp, 'Say Hello to Privacy'. In such a situation, it is certain that through this app, users will get a guarantee of privacy, which is the most important for any user.

Signal app features

Signal is also a messaging app just like WhatsApp. You can also use this app on Android device as well as iOS i.e. Apple device, Mac and Window device. The name of the company that created this app is Signal Foundation. It is a non-profit company. The person who created this app is named Moxie Marlinspike. This is a US-based cryptographer, so the Signal app is also an American app. The foundation of this app was laid in 2013 but it was built on 10 January 2018.

Permission to add 150 people to Signal App group

The features of the Signal app are almost the same as WhatsApp. Through this app, you can send or receive photos and videos while chatting with anyone. Apart from this, you can also make audio and video calling through this app. In this app also you can create a group like whatsapp but this app has the facility to add a maximum of 150 people in a group. However, now it may happen that the signal company allows to add more than 150 people in a group.

Delete For Everyone feature

Through this app you will not be able to directly add anyone to a group. If you process a person to add to the group, then first a notification will go and then if they want to approve, then only then you will be able to add them to your group. Through this app you can delete any group chat through the Delete For Everyone feature.

Signal Security

Now let's talk about the security of this app, which is most important at this time. The security of the signal app has been praised by none other but Brian Acton himself as the co-founder of WhatsApp itself. In 2017, Bryan said goodbye to WhatsApp and gave $ 59 million funding to the Signal app. At the same time, the co-founder of WhatsApp himself praised the security of the signal app.

How much safe privacy from whatsapp

Actually Signal is much safer than WhatsApp because WhatsApp allows you to store 16 types of information from users to use your app. At the same time, Signal only stores the users' mobile number because through that the user's Siglan account runs. At the same time, WhatsApp encrypts messages and calls end-to-end, while the Singal app also meta data encrypted end-to-end, that is, not only users' messages and calls, but also their personal data is also end-to-end encrypted. For these reasons the Signal app is far better than WhatsApp and if WhatsApp does not change the new privacy policy it has made, then the users will definitely go to WhatsApp and adopt the Signal app.