A saving scheme In which you can get huge profit and your money will be double in 10 years, know full details

Some savings schemes of kisan Vikas Patra post office give more returns than FD. If you want more returns than bank FD, then this post office savings scheme can give you huge profits. Let's know about it

A saving scheme In which you can get huge profit and your money will be double in 10 years, know full details
Profitable saving scheme, image source: istock

People generally prefer to invest in bank FDs to avoid the volatility of the stock market. But if you want a better return on your money, then definitely try the Kisan Vikas Patra Saving Schemes of the Post Office. KVP scheme is a low risk savings scheme. It is considered safe as it is backed by the government.

Certificates are issued for the amount invested in the scheme. The minimum amount to invest in this scheme is Rs 1,000. This means that even if you have less money then you can invest in this scheme. A PAN card is required for investments above Rs 50,000.

Money will be double in 10 years 

Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) is one of the nine post office savings schemes offered by the Department of Posts. It is considered as one of the best small savings schemes for risk-averse investors. As per the current terms and conditions, if you invest in this scheme, your money will double in a period of 10 years and 4 months (124 months)

You will not have to pay much money to buy KVP certificate under India Post's KVP scheme. You can buy this certificate by investing only 1000 rupees. Let us tell you that there is no upper limit to invest in this scheme. This means that you can invest as much money as you want in this plan. Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) was first launched in 1988. At present, it offers an interest rate of 6.9 percent. 

Get compound interest

It earns compound interest annually. The money you invest doubles in 10 years and 4 months. Any number of accounts can be opened under this scheme.

Who can invest money

According to the India Post website, any adult can open an account in this scheme. 3 adults together can open a joint account. A custodian can open the account on behalf of a minor or a person of weak mind. A minor above the age of 10 years can also open an account in his own name. Only Indians residing in India are eligible to purchase a KVP certificate. NRIs are not allowed to invest in the KVP scheme.


The amount you will get on the maturity of the scheme based on the current interest rate is already mentioned on your KVP certificate. This means that even if the interest rate has changed at the time of maturity, this change will have no effect on your returns. You will be given the money you were promised, despite the fall in interest rates.

You can withdraw money at any time 

Kisan Vikas Patra allows investors to make premature withdrawals. However, if you break this scheme within one year of taking it, then you will be penalized. If you withdraw money between one year and two and a half years after purchasing the certificate, then there will be no penalty, but your interest will be reduced. You can withdraw money at any time after two and a half years. You will not have to pay any penalty or interest on this.