Coronavirus: How to strengthen your lungs to fight against Covid-19 infection?

Coronavirus In many cases, pneumonia due to Covid infection, low oxygen level, shortness of breath, lung fibrosis have been reported. Even people whose lungs were completely healthy before Covid, their lungs became weak.

Coronavirus: How to strengthen your lungs to fight against Covid-19 infection?

Due to the new variant of the corona virus Omicron, cases of Covid-19 are increasing in many countries including India. Compared to the Delta variant, this new variant is causing mild symptoms in most of the cases. However, despite this, WHO and health experts are constantly advising not to take it lightly. Infection with Omicron usually causes symptoms such as mild to high fever, cold, cough, sore throat, body ache, headache. Whose treatment is done by staying at home. However, if you are having trouble breathing, contact your doctor immediately.

In many cases, cases like pneumonia, low oxygen levels, shortness of breath, lung fibrosis have been reported due to Covid infection. Even people whose lungs were completely healthy before Covid, their lungs became weak. In such a situation, even though Omicron may be causing mild symptoms right now, we still need to pay attention to the health of our lungs.

Let us know how the lungs can be kept safe and healthy in this era of Covid epidemic.

Breathing exercises

Shortness of breath and lack of oxygen in the body are common symptoms of severe covid infection, as covid-19 starts attacking the lungs.

This is the reason why Covid patients are advised to do simple deep breathing exercises. This will not only make it easier for you to breathe but also improve blood flow to the chest and lungs. Deep breathing exercises the lungs and chest muscles. Apart from this, you can also use the respirometer.

Include these things in the diet

A good diet rich in vitamins and minerals boosts immunity and there are certain foods that flush out toxins and also help you breathe easier. In this way you can easily make your lungs healthy at home. Stay away from processed and refined foods and eat seasonal vegetables like beetroot, green-tea, blueberries, tomatoes, nuts and seeds which will improve your lung health. Also include jaggery, citrus food in the diet.

Garlic and turmeric are powerful antioxidant foods that have anti-viral properties. Eat foods rich in omega-3s, which are especially helpful in controlling inflammation in the lungs and reduce the risk of other respiratory diseases. Experts also advise people to follow a rich nutrient-rich diet and skip diets that aid in weight loss, as this can lead to a lack of essential nutrients in your body during recovery.

Don't smoke

Smoking not only puts you at a higher risk of contracting COVID, but it's also one of the worst things for your lungs, which weakens the lungs that are already there.

Cardio workout

Any activity that makes your breathing quicker – makes the lungs stronger and they work better. Experts recommend that patients do light cardio exercises after recovery, which will be good for their respiratory health. Apart from this, yoga can also be done, which will boost immunity along with lung health. Remember to workout daily but gradually increase it.

Stay away from pollution and smoke

People who have recently recovered from COVID-19, or have weak lungs, should stay away from smoky, polluted environments. Pollution not only causes re-infection but can also make breathing difficult.

If you step out of the house, do not forget to take necessary precautions, wear a mask, take medicines and take care of your health. Your health will also continue to improve by taking a feel.

Disclaimer: The advice and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.