Delta variant of Covid-19 virus hits 85 countries of the world.

Delta variant of Covid-19 virus hits 85 countries of the world.

Delta variants of coronavirus have created new difficulties for the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the delta variant of the corona is more contagious than its old form. Similarly, if this form of the virus continues to grow, infections around the world can be a major factor.

The WHO released the Global Status Report of the Corona epidemic, stating that the alpha variant of the virus has spread to 170 countries in the world, Beta 119, Gamma 71, and Delta 85. The spread of the delta virus is continuing. This can be gauged from the fact that the virus has reached 11 countries in the last two weeks. The organization said four variants are currently being closely monitored. It also includes Delta which looks faster than alpha. agency                                                              

Most infected found in India

According to who, India has reported the highest number of 4,41,976 cases of corona infection between June 14 and 20. The relief is that it is 30 percent less than last week. Similarly, India recorded the highest number of deaths of 16,329 patients during this period, registering a decline of 31% as compared to earlier. Statistics show that the second wave in India has slowed down.

Concerns over oxygen ICU increase

Citing a study conducted in Singapore, who said people affected by delta variants may need more oxygen and ICU. The risk of death is also high which is a matter of concern. On the vaccine, the organization said that 14 days after the second dose of Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines were detected, it was 96 percent effective against alpha and delta variants.

Israel claims delta variant vaccine effective

Israel has claimed that Pfizer's vaccine is effective against the Delta variant of the corona. On Thursday, Pfizer Medical Director

in Israel said that during an investigation at the lab, it was found that Pfizer's vaccine against delta variants was effective, but he refused to divulge anything more. A large number of Pfizer vaccines have been used in Israel.

German Chancellor says we looked concerned in Parliament over delta variation Thursday on a thin sheet of snow.

In his address, Merkel said that the outbreak of delta variant is on the rise amid a slow pace of infection which is a matter of concern. Corona must remain the main issue for talks between the leaders of European countries. It should also be noted that the epidemic is not over, especially in poor countries. We're walking on a thin sheet of ice ourselves.

Russia's sudden case rises since January The pace of corona infection has once again intensified in Russia.

For the first time since January, a record 20,182 cases have been reported here on Thursday. Officials have blamed delta variants and non-vaccinators for this. 568 people have died in the last 24 hours. The highest number of deaths have been reported in Moscow and St Petersburg. People have appealed to all to get vaccinated as the infection is on the rise.