Must Watch: These 5 Best Hollywood Thriller Movies From Amazon Prime Are Full Of Action And Entertainment

After the strong entry of OTT, the market of Hollywood films in India has gone up even more. That is why we have brought you 5 powerful thriller movies on Amazon Prime. If you haven't seen it, you haven't seen anything yet.

Must Watch: These 5 Best Hollywood Thriller Movies From Amazon Prime Are Full Of Action And Entertainment

Since the arrival of the OTT platform in India, many Hollywood films have once again become a topic of discussion among the audience. This is the reason why the audience likes to watch these thriller films with great love. Where Amazon Prime app is at the forefront of this episode, so let's take a look today, at a list of the 5 best movies that you will never forget these movies after watching.


You must watch Christopher Nolan's film Inception on the Amazon Prime app. This is a completely science fiction film. In this film you will get to see Leonardo Dicaprio in the lead role. Who keeps you engrossed in the story of the film till the last moment with amazing performances. Leonardo DiCaprio's character in this film tries to make people go into dreams and find out what is inside their mind.


The film Parasite, which came in the year 2020, won the best film award at the 2020 Oscars. The film was produced by Kwak Sin Aye. Where this film was directed by Bong Joon-ho. This film is the story of a wonderful family. In this film, a poor family is seen completely controlling the house of an Aamir family. But this is a completely wrong path, the result of which this family has to suffer in the end. The story of the film is amazing which you must watch once.


Christopher Nolan is a powerful director of his own style. With whom every actor dreams of working. It has been shown in this film that 2 magicians who were first friends then turn into enemies and then how they take revenge on each other. The strong style of all the actors is seen in this film. Because of this, you must also watch this film.


Hollywood's famous actor Jacqueline Phoenix's film Joker proved to be a cult film. Actor Jacqueline Phoenix received the Oscar Award for Best Actor for this film. In this film, we got to see the strong performance of the actor. Which was well liked by the audience as well as the critics. You must watch this film.


Bollywood's veteran actress Dimple Kapadia was seen playing the lead role in this film. The film was directed by Christopher Nolan. The audience liked this film very much. Where this film is made on the story of an attack bigger than the nuclear attack.