Myanmar asks India to return it's 8 policemen who are taking refuge there

Myanmar said, Policemen who came to India to take refuge after crossing the border should be sent back. The Myanmar administration said that it was necessary for 'friendly relations'.

Myanmar asks India to return it's 8 policemen who are taking refuge there

Myanmar has asked India to 'hand it back to those policemen who have crossed the border and sought refuge from India after refusing to obey the army's orders'.

In a letter to the Government of India, Myanmar officials said that these policemen should be returned to maintain 'friendly relations' between the two countries.

According to this letter, so far eight police officers from Myanmar have crossed the border to India.

The letter reads that "friendly relations between the two neighboring countries should be maintained, so you are requested that the eight policemen who have come to your country on the border, should be detained and handed over to Myanmar."Indian officials here say that some officials in Myanmar and their families had crossed the border in recent times.

Deputy Commissioner Maria Citi Juali, a senior officer in the Champai district of the Indian state of Mizoram, told news agency Reuters that she had received a letter from her counterpart in the Falam district of Myanmar requesting the return of policemen.In Myanmar, there was a military coup last month, after which the army arrested hundreds of leaders, including the country's elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Since then, there have been frequent protests.

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Violence has taken place during these demonstrations. In many places, security forces have fired rubber bullets on the protesters. Security forces are also accused of firing genuine bullets.According to the news agency Reuters, the Advocacy Group Assistance Association for Political Prisoners has said that the military regime has so far arrested 1,500 people.Protests took place on a large scale in the country on Saturday as well.Thousands of people gathered in many big cities, including Yangon, to protest against the military rule. Security forces fired tear gas shells to disperse the crowd in Yangon.