Nahar state of the art medical and diagnostic center, mumbai Is the first medical facility in india to accept BitcoinCash.

Nahar Medical Center puts your well-being first. It extends warmth, hospitality and expertises to help you with specialised more than 50 doctors to get back to good health soon.

Nahar state of the art medical and diagnostic center, mumbai  Is the first medical facility in india to accept BitcoinCash.


At Nahar Medical Center they focus on incorporating new techniques and technology to understand patient health care needs.

The center has specialised services such as: Physiotherapy Clinic, Dental Service, Diet and Nutrition Consultancy,Dermatology Clinics,Speciality Clinics and more, which is the commitment towards excellence in hospitality journey to achieve Quality Healthcare for All.

This center is designed to exude an ambience that puts you at ease. The calm, serene atmosphere; the confident and professional staff, WIFI enabled lounges, the coffee shop, are all part of the ‘Nahar Medical Center design’. 

More importantly these 5-star services are part of the general experience design of the center and not limited to a privileged few.for more details please check

And above all but not the least is Nahar Medical Centre is now accepting BitcoinCash the most widely accepted peer to peer cryptocurrency.With BitcoinCash the transactions are instant and have the lowest fees compared to other crypto currencies. 

Recently MP Brison from the island of St Maarten became the first elected member of parliament in the world to request his salary in BitcoinCash, BitcoinCash also will be tabled by him to be the legal tender in St Maarten. Many other countries are in the process of Making BCH and other crypto their legal tender. 

For merchant adoption More and more businesses around the globe are adopting to BitcoinCash as their mode of payment, it takes under 5 minutes for a business to create a wallet and link it to the Bitcoin Cash Register application which can display and convert in local currency. There are licensed Crypto exchanges in india that can be linked to local bank accounts and change BCH to fiat if the merchants wishes to do so. 

Some merchants have started to pay their employees in BitcoinCash that they receive from the sales of goods and services because of the wide acceptance in all kinds of commerce. No business is too small or big to accept BCH. 

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