Not All Heart-Racing Experiences Are Bad: Power Electric Vehicles

How long has it been since you had an experience that made you feel lively again? The reason that we are asking this question here is that we have something for you to make you feel the same as aforesaid.

Not All Heart-Racing Experiences Are Bad: Power Electric Vehicles

Anything that makes your heart race is absolutely worthwhile. And if this race is driven by your passion, it is surely going to be an amazing experience. One of such experiences is flowing with the wind on your bike and feeling that soft brush of breeze on your skin.

There was a time when bikes were used only for transportation. But now the time has changed. Now these bikes are used not just for transporting things and people from one place to another but also for transporting your soul to the world of pleasure and peace that you have been craving for years.

So are you ready to feel this experience as we move on to describe your electric partner who is going to take you on this amazing journey?

You heard it right. Your "electric partner"! Do not worry; you ain't going to get any shock from it, but surely you are going to get shocked after witnessing its beauty.

As we are talking about electric bikes, the very first concern that strikes our mind is the concern of their safety, as these bikes are really worth their look and features. Power Electric Vehicles has a special app for its bikes that helps you control the bike. The app has many features, like emergency calls for accidents, ignition on/off, bike fall alert, geo-fencing, anti-theft, real-time bike location, fuel savings, and many more.

Now let's talk about the beauty of this bike, both on the outside and on the inside

These P-Sport bikes have a power output of 4.8 kWh, which is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 85 km/h. Its acceleration rate ranges from 0 to 85 km/h in 7 seconds. Its top speed is 85 kmph with safe driving conditions for the rider and most efficient for the optimal range. All these come with only 4-5 hours of charging, which makes these bikes run for 200–210 km, which is the best range in India as compared to contemporary EV startups. These bikes come with 3 driving modes: ECO (economy piloting mode), STANDARD (perfect for every day), and TURBO (more power, more speed). 

If just reading about these features makes a rider's heart go crazy, imagine how it would feel to have your heart racing with these P-Sports bikes!