Russia Vs US: Convoy of countries coming with Russia against America is increasing, now Group-7 is formed

The world is divided into two factions in the political situation that has changed after the Ukraine war. In this, one section is with America and the other is with Russia. Russia is also engaged in bringing anti-US countries with it.

Russia Vs US: Convoy of countries coming with Russia against America is increasing, now Group-7 is formed
Russia Vs US, image source jagran

After the war between Russia and Ukraine, the world is divided into two factions. One faction is against Russia and with the western countries and the other faction is with Russia and its supporters. In this way the present form of the world has also changed. This changed form also includes political and strategic changes. Both America and Russia are engaged in increasing the list of their supporters. If we talk about Russia itself, after China, Iran, North Korea, Turkey, Myanmar, it has now also added Afghanistan to its group.

Afghanistan is the newest member

Afghanistan is the newest member, while Myanmar's entry came in early September when the head of the military regime, Min Aung Hling, visited Russia. Overall, America and European countries are keeping a close eye on the khichdi that Russia is cooking with these countries. If we talk about the countries that come with Russia, then their situation looks quite similar. 

US-China and North Korea relations

China, which is also a major economy of the world, is one of the countries that come with Russia, its relationship with America is at its lowest stage. Like Russia, China is also facing US sanctions. On the other hand, North Korea, to whom Russia had talked about giving strategic help in the past, is also in the same situation. North Korea is very close to China and is facing US sanctions. This is such a country that apart from its neighboring countries, other countries also annoy and consider themselves a threat. Like Russia and China, it is also a staunch opponent of America.

Iran-Myanmar's figure of thirty-six from America

If we talk about Iran, then its condition is more or less the same. The figure of thirty-six from US sanctions and America is not hiding from the whole world. The major reason for the sanctions imposed on North Korea and Iran is their nuclear programs. Myanmar has been under military rule ever since the democratic government was overthrown. Because of this, America, including many countries of the world, has imposed many strict restrictions on it. Talking about Turkey, it is also facing the brunt of US sanctions. Whether it is about the S-400 missile defense system or other military equipment, Turkey also has thirty-six figures from America. Turkey, despite being a NATO member state, is also the only country to strongly oppose the US stand. 

Taliban does not like America

Talking about Afghanistan included in this group of Russia, no country has yet recognized the current Taliban rule here. For more than a year, the Taliban have been trying to get their government recognized. His politics is also revolving around this. China has made some agreements with him regarding economic development and debt, but in the name of getting recognition to the government, he has also pulled out. Talking about Pakistan, he was the one who recognized his government in Taliban-1, but this time he too has not done anything like that. Afghanistan is deeply backward economically. So he needs help. Russia has used this opportunity to its advantage. The Taliban is also anti-US. In this respect, he has no hesitation in going with Russia.