Sabine Shahda: As unfiltered as a flower.

Stems N Pots, her one-of-a-kind flower, and plants boutique, is all about appreciating the beauty of everyday moments.

Sabine Shahda: As unfiltered as a flower.

Among the tons of talented beings that the world has been a witness to over the years, it is always the ones who shine from within, radiating a certain power of honesty, authenticity, and realism that shine brighter than others. It is so necessary today to draw inspiration from people like these that can truly imbue more positivity in others and also can make people understand how they need to see things as they are without putting any filtered glass. It is growing entrepreneurs like Sabine Shahda who have been continuously advocating the power of natural beauty and the importance of appreciating every little moment in life. She states that as important as it is to see life through rose-tinted glasses, it is also essential to learn how to embrace all the flaws there are.

Sabine Shahda’s incredible understanding of life and her quest to make a real difference in the mindsets of people led her to create a business as incredible as Stems N Pots, a one-of-a-kind flower and plants boutique, that exudes her passion for doing business that can spread more love, happiness and joy around with fresh and blooming flowers and bouquets. Stems N Pots, as her online business, offer a variety of flower and plant bouquets that can instantly make people fall in love with them. Based in Dubai, UAE, it has already been garnering a name outside the region as well, which can be attributed to Sabine Shahda’s massive online presence across social media platforms.

Sabine Shahda, besides being a growing entrepreneur, is also a rising influencer on social media who have always been honest in her content advocating “real and unfiltered beauty.” Targeting especially the young girls, who since the rise of social media have been living under a certain pressure to always look good, she has been creating content that can influence them in a positive way and help them embrace their real selves. 

Sabine Shahda (@sabine.shahda) wants each and every person in the world to focus on their energy within that can help them shine brighter in a way no filter in the world can do.