The situation is becoming uncontrollable in Myanmar, the security forces burnt the village, two hundred and fifty houses were burnt to ashes, two died

In Myanmar, security forces set fire to about 250 houses in a village. Two people have died in this. The situation is getting worse there since the overthrow of the democratic government of the country by the army.

The situation is becoming uncontrollable in Myanmar, the security forces burnt the village, two hundred and fifty houses were burnt to ashes, two died

A village was burned in central Myanmar following clashes between security forces and local guerrillas. Two people died in this incident. Local residents said that 200 to 240 houses in Qin Ma village were burnt by soldiers on Tuesday. The incident took place after a clash with local guerrillas opposing military rule. British Ambassador to Myanmar Dang Chugh condemned the attack. He wrote in a Facebook post, 'There is news that soldiers have burnt the entire village in Magway. Elders have died.

This has once again shown that the army's horrific crime continues and it has no respect for the people of Myanmar. State television, however, accused the militants of setting the village on fire. An ethnic political group fighting the military in eastern Myanmar has called for an investigation into the military rule attacks. The group said soldiers killed 25 construction workers after 47 people were abducted last month.

Significantly, on the morning of 1 February 2021 in Myanmar, the army took power in its hands by overthrowing the democratic government led by Aung Sang Suu Kyi. Since then, there is a fierce struggle going on between the army and the people. UN activists have also expressed concern over the situation there and appealed for an international initiative. UN activists say that if the situation is not brought under control, then it will be very difficult. Due to the ongoing conflict between the army and the people, thousands of people have taken refuge in other countries. In India, thousands have entered the Indian border from Myanmar. Chin Chief Minister Salai Lian Lui, a state bordering Myanmar with India, has also taken refuge in Mizoram in view of the dire situation after the coup. He has been the Chief Minister of Chin since 2016.

According to the information, he had entered India through the border city of Champai. Returns. Champai is located about 185 km from Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram. Chin State shares border with six districts of Mizoram, Champai, Siaha, Lavangtalai, Serchhip, Hanathiyal and Saitual in India. Apart from this, it also meets the border of Manipur and Bangladesh. According to the Mizoram Home Department, according to sources, about 9,247 citizens have now come to Mizoram from Myanmar after the coup. These include Salai Lian Lui and Aung Sang Suu Kyi's party National League for Democracy MPs.

According to the available information, since February 1, 1,633 people have taken shelter in Aizawl, 1297 in Lavngtlai, 633 in Siyaha, 478 in Hanathiyal, 167 in Lunglei, 143 in Serchhip, 112 in Saitual, 36 in Kolasib and 28 in Khwajawal. . Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga says that the state government has sanctioned funds to provide relief to these people.