These are the signs of weakening of the heart, if you want to avoid diseases, then be alert

Heart Diseases: Cases related to heart diseases are increasing rapidly in the country. This disease is also rapidly catching the youth in its grip. Smoking, alcohol and poor lifestyle are the major causes of this disease. Doctors say that if the early symptoms are recognized and treated, then the disease can be avoided.

These are the signs of weakening of the heart, if you want to avoid diseases, then be alert

According to the government health agency Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), millions of women and men die every year from heart diseases worldwide and it is a leading cause of death here. In India also this figure is very big. According to a report, the number of patients of cardiovascular disease (CVD) is increasing every year in the country and the death toll has also increased sharply. The frightening thing is that in the recent few years in India, the youth of 18 to 30 years have been surrounded by heart disease, due to which they have also lost their lives.

Most of the cases of heart diseases are associated with poor lifestyle. Smoking, alcohol and not exercising regularly increases the risk of this disease. According to the American Heart Association, 80 percent of heart diseases are preventable. For this, you just have to know the signs that your heart may be in trouble. After this you will be able to take care of your heart like the rest of your body.

Heart gives these signs before illness

According to Dr. Jeffrey Newman, medical director of cardiothoracic surgery at Delray Medical Center in Florida, your heart health is usually measured through ejection fractions. A normal ejection fraction is 55 or 60 percent, which means that 60 percent of the blood flowing into the heart is easily pumped out. This would be considered a normal functioning healthy heart.

At the same time, if your heart starts getting weak. If you have a heart attack or you have any valvular disease, then the ejection fraction of your heart decreases. For example, if a patient is having 30 percent ejection fraction, then it means that the patient's heart is not able to flow blood properly. This problem later becomes the reason for heart failure. The lower the ejection fraction of a person's heart, the greater the risk of heart failure and cardiac arrest.

How to reduce the risk of heart disease

Dr. Newman explains, "People in general care about their health but are not so conscious about their heart health. They tend to ignore it. Poor eating habits, obesity, lack of exercise, laziness or physical Generally, the habits of not working hard have a bad effect on the heart. Heart health is largely related to our lifestyle. It can be avoided by improving the lifestyle. We come across many patients who have high diabetes or blood sugar Happens out of control.

Along with this, he does not smoke and do any physical activity. Even with old age, in a way, they walk bypassing health. After this, as soon as they reach the age of 50, 60 or 70, their body starts deteriorating. I am not saying that you will live forever but you can make your life better by taking care of yourself.

Difficulty breathing a sign of heart disease

According to Dr. Newman, "In your normal life, if you start feeling short of breath while going from your bedroom to the kitchen and you have to stop or sit and breathe at some place, then it is a sign that your heart is weakening. This is an early sign." This is a sign that indicates that your heart is not pumping blood properly and that the blood is not pumping properly to your lungs.

Chest pain can be a symptom of heart disease

If you go from your bedroom to the kitchen and you start having chest pain. After this you sit down and you feel better after relaxing, then this is also a symptom of heart disease.

-Don't ignore the recurring fainting

-If you have frequent fainting then you may have valvular heart problem. Dizziness or fainting during everyday activities is dangerous. This is a sign of aortic stenosis disease in which the valves of your heart start narrowing.

Excessive swelling and weight gain

Dr. Newman explains that when your blood flow is not correct or your heart is unable to transport blood to the lower parts of the body, then you may have this problem. If you have swelling in the lower parts of the body, then it is a sign of a weak heart.

Dr. Newman further said, "From time to time, the heartbeat of every person keeps on fluctuating. Stress, strenuous work, exercise as well as consuming too much alcohol and caffeine can make your heart beat higher than normal, but if your heart rate is higher than normal or if your heartbeat often fluctuates, then you should immediately Must see a doctor.