Twitter labels BBC as 'Government Funded' media, British company furious

Twitter Elon Musk-BBC labels row: The label now appears on outlets that receive some Government Funding, including the BBC, PBS, NPR and Voice of America.

Twitter labels BBC as 'Government Funded' media, British company furious

Social media platform Twitter has sparked a new controversy by labeling the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) as "Government Funded Media". In the midst of this controversy raised by Elon Musk, BBC has claimed to resolve it soon while keeping its stand.

The BBC has been described as primarily funded by the British public paying license fees (British Government-Funded Media). The BBC has 2.2 million followers on Twitter. However, the UK national broadcaster has had to swiftly backtrack against the classification, reports CNN.

The label now appears on some outlets that receive government funding, including prominently the BBC, PBS, NPR and Voice of America, although it may not appear on Canada's CBC or Qatar's Al Jazeera. Does not appear on other government supported outlets such as AL Jazeera,Other BBC accounts, including BBC News (World) and BBC Breaking News, have not been labelled, reports CNN. Twitter has also not defined what it considers to be 'government funded media'.

The BBC has also said in a statement to CNN that it is in talks with Twitter to resolve the issue as soon as possible. The BBC is independent and always has been. We are funded by the British public through license fees.

The BBC is funded primarily by the UK public through a license fee, which is also required to watch non-BBC channels or live services. It is a supplement to income from commercial operations.

The BBC branding comes after a dispute between Elon Musk and the American NPR network after Musk changed NPR's label to state affiliated media. It also effectively suggested that the US government could influence its editorial policy and compared it to outlets such as the Kremlin-funded Russia Today.

On the other hand, after labeling the BBC, a statement has come from its side that it will resolve the matter soon. The £159 ($197) annual license fee for viewing live TV broadcasts or live streaming in the UK is set by law by the government, but is paid by individual UK households.

While the @BBC account, which has 2.2m followers, has been labelled. While very large accounts associated with the BBC's news and sports output are not currently being described in the same way. The account mainly shares updates about TV programmes, radio shows, podcasts and other non-news content produced by the BBC.