US President Biden Increased Pressure To Ceasefire Between Israel and Palestine

Pressure has increased on US President Joe Biden to stop the fighting between Israel and Palestine Hamas. He has spoken to the heads of several countries in this regard. Biden has also spoken to Netanyahu.

US President Biden Increased Pressure To Ceasefire Between Israel and Palestine

American President Joe Biden is under tremendous pressure to stop the war between Israel and Palestine. The biggest reason for this is the attack on the media house in Gaza. In this attack, Alajjira's office, including the Associated Press, was destroyed. Some other media houses were also working in this building.

In a televised message, Israeli President Benjamin Bennetian said that the media house in this building was used by the Hamas people as their intelligence office. According to him, this building was targeted accurately in the attack. After this attack, the Biden administration has also called for a response from Israel. Let us tell you that 200 people have died while more than 1200 people have been injured in the attacks from both.

After an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Sunday in this regard, only the leaders of Biden's Democratic Party have begun to pressurize them over the ceasefire. The Biden administration says it is in contact with the Israeli Prime Minister in this regard. Recently, the United Nations Secretary-General, including the Arab world, also called for an immediate halt to the attacks. The UN chief had said that if it did not stop, it would have disastrous consequences. On the question of ceasefire, the White House spokesperson said that according to his view, there are some talks going on behind the scenes.

Let us tell you that since the beginning of the attacks on both sides, President Biden has spoken to Prime Minister Netanyahu about three times till now. The White House stated that Biden supported Israeli action as a defense against the Palestinian attack. Biden states that Israel has every right to protect its citizens. In the recent talks also, there was a discussion between the two leaders about the action taken on other terrorist groups, including Hamas.

The White House spokesperson says that the US also wants the ongoing tension between the two countries to reduce and ceasefire. The US has also talked to the Heads of State of Egypt and other countries about this. Spokeswoman Logan Beroff of a Liberal pro-Israeli lobbying group, Jestreet, says he is deeply saddened that the Biden administration is not taking a swift decision, realizing its elegance.

Meanwhile, more than half of the caucus senators have issued a statement saying that the two countries should take the initiative to stop the attacks immediately to save the lives and goods of the people. It should also be noted that in the future, such action should not be done from anyone's side. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says it should be implemented immediately. Let us tell you that this is the first biggest attack on Israel by Hamas since 2014.