Abhishek Agarwal Young Entrepreneur

Abhishek Agarwal Young Entrepreneur

A story of a boy, with limitless dreams. A boy who from his childhood was clear about the road which will bring his dreams closer to reality. Yes, this is Mr. Abhishek Agarwal, one of the most energetic and influential personalities of the City of Lucknow.

At a very young age of 25, he is a successful business, Philanthropist, Youth activist, and most importantly a very Humble human being. As his ideal and one of the legendary icons of India, Mr. Ratan tata Ji. He believes in the concept that business and social work for a better prosperous society should go hand in hand.

Mr. Abhishek Agarwal was born on 28th December 1996, is a well-known and Respected family of Lucknow. Seeing a leadership Atmosphere in his family in the early days of his childhood his personality grew.

Though his grandfather’s and father’s social status in the city, he wanted to make his own identity as a person who can lead on all fronts: Social, Spiritual, Business, and Political.
In the early days of schooling in Nanital’s School, he closely studied the life journey of Swami Vivekananda ji and inherited his teachings in building his personality.

He believed that his age cannot be a hurdle in the big ideas he has for society and at a very young age of 20 he joined his family business THE JC GROUP and later at just the age of 22 years started his own NGO, THE JC FOUNDATION. Since then there is no looking back, he has added many laurels to his belt, from being Executive member of the U.P Olympic Association to one the youngest Youth President of U.P Vaishya Vypar Mandal and National Vice President of Sanatan Raksha dal, a spiritual organization working in protecting and promotion of the spiritual heritage of India.

He believes a man without a spiritual soul, is indifferent to the lifeless body. And thus takes his time in promoting the rich spiritual and cultural heritage of India. His work life Mantra is “ I didn’t come this far to only come this far”. He believes in changes .he believes either we can let things go the way they are going or we can find a way and Lead the Change.

A young man with such brilliance will surely make a mark in our society. In this much-divided world, we need people like Abhishek Agarwal to work in uplifting society through an overall inclusive approach.