China: Xi Jinping government in the dock of questions in its own country, anger of citizens over COVID policy

In view of the increasing corona cases in China, President Xi Jinping implemented the zero-covid policy. But there was a lot of resentment among the people of China because of this. Distressed, the public had made up its mind to protest against Xi.

China: Xi Jinping government in the dock of questions in its own country, anger of citizens over COVID policy

At this time in China, President Xi Jinping has taken all the powers in his hands so that his Communist Party does not have to get into any kind of trouble in the country. Similarly, he has become stronger after securing a third term in China. At the same time, now questions have started to arise on the dictatorial government in the country. Recently, there has been public anger across China over Xi's zero-covid policy.

Xi Jinping fulfilled the demand of the people

In view of the increasing corona infection in China, the government had forced people to remain imprisoned in their homes for months. Because of which the people of China were quite angry with the government and had made up their mind to express their displeasure. The Chinese people were determined that they would protest against the government, even as they were ready to be shot and jailed. But instead of using violence against them, Xi Jinping decided to roll back the zero-Covid policy. In fact, he knew that if violent retaliatory action was taken against the people, it could have a very negative effect on his government. 

Xi Jinping is also in charge of the army

For the third time in a row, the power of China has gone into the hands of Xi Jinping. At present, Xi is the only leader of the country who has control over the Chinese military. Xi has even assumed the new position of Commander-in-Chief of the PLA Joint Battle Command. Xi is also directly in charge of the paramilitary police. However, let us tell you that Xi had jailed many activists and leaders in the name of corruption in his first term itself to eliminate the obstacle in the way of his success. Even researchers say that Xi has also turned leftist ideologically and is now trying to create fear among intellectuals, journalists and private businessmen.

Loyalty to Xi is necessary in China

At this time, due to the dictatorial attitude in China, Xi Jinping's powers have increased a lot. Loyalty to the constitution and loyalty to Xi are believed to be the same in the country. If someone is dishonest towards Xi, it is considered to be tantamount to abusing the constitution. Earlier, former Chinese leader Mao Zedong used to have all the power, but after his death, other Chinese leaders wanted a system without dictatorship in the country. Subsequently, during Deng Xiaoping's time, the terms of office were fixed and it was also decided that retirement would be mandatory in all jobs after a certain age. 

Xi jinping government changed rules 

Everything went very well for a while. After this, Xi Jinping's government was formed, after which things changed completely. Once again the dictator has returned to the country. Xi forcibly incorporated all power and authority over military, economy, foreign and domestic policies into his domain. Now that the presidential term limits have been removed after the 19th Party Congress, analysts believe Xi Jinping plans to continue in office beyond 2023.