DeMarcus Bumpers rising star in Hollywood secure (2) Paul Pry Films as Leading Man and Producer

DeMarcus Bumpers is a name that has been garnering attention in the entertainment industry, and rightfully so. Hailing from Houston, Texas, this talented actor has embarked on a journey that has led him to great success and recognition.

DeMarcus Bumpers rising star in Hollywood secure (2) Paul Pry Films as Leading Man and Producer

Despite being born into a wealthy family, with parents Dr. Dedrie Bumpers Francis and Lee Bumpers, who were successful entrepreneurs, DeMarcus chose to follow his passion for acting, carving his own path to stardom.

A pivotal figure in DeMarcus Bumpers' ascent to fame is Lydia Harris, co-founder, and executive of Death Row Records, alongside her husband, The Legendary Michael Harry O Harris. Lydia's expertise and guidance have played a crucial role in propelling Bumpers' career to new heights. With her deep understanding of the industry, she has provided the support necessary for Bumpers to navigate the complex landscape of Hollywood with confidence.  

One project that showcases DeMarcus Bumpers' immense talent is the highly anticipated comedy horror thriller film, "Beware of Paul Pry." Serving as a sequel to "The Legend of Paul Pry," the movie is directed by Virginia native Keith Lakean Powell, a filmmaker with several successful films available on popular streaming platforms. In addition to landing a leading role in the film, Bumpers also takes on the role of Assistant Producer, demonstrating his multifaceted skills and unwavering dedication to his craft.  

In "Beware of Paul Pry," Bumpers portrays a tenacious FBI agent assigned to investigate a mysterious factory conducting sinister experiments on people. Haunted by his own dark past, the agent delves into a world far more malevolent than he could have ever anticipated. Along the way, he encounters a masked serial killer known as Paul Pry, whose deadly hammer strikes fear into the hearts of his victims. The film promises to deliver chilling suspense, keeping horror movie enthusiasts on the edge of their seats.  

The cast of "Beware of Paul Pry" comprises a talented ensemble, including Tee-Jay Marquise, Emily Pearse, Andre Boyer, Aaron Peebles, C Mark Jones, Jerome Medley, Karen Slaughter Naquin Edwards, Karina Beltre, Keith Lakean Powell, Pastuh Lyrikal, Patrick Greene, Penny Richardson, Radiah Johnson, Siobhan Howerton, Kody Bean, Donna Joseph, Ju Dabbs, Kevin Tien, LinZin Mor, Lul Joseph, Sanai Johnson, and Kari J. Kramer. With a release planned across various streaming platforms, such as Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Tubi, and Plex, the film ensures that horror movie aficionados won't miss out on this bone-chilling and suspenseful experience. 

Bumpers' involvement as the assistant producer of "Beware of Paul Pry" speaks volumes about his commitment to his craft and his growing influence in the industry. Collaborating closely with the film's producers, Bumpers has played an instrumental role in bringing this project to life, overseeing every aspect of the production process.

The successful completion of filming on April 29th marked a significant milestone in his career. Beware of Paul pry comes out in September of 2023 on streaming platforms and in multiple countries.

Expressing his excitement about the film, Bumpers shared, "I'm incredibly thrilled to be a part of 'Beware of Paul Pry.' Working on this film has been an incredible experience, and I'm grateful to everyone who has supported me along the way. I can't wait for audiences to see the final product."  

DeMarcus Bumpers' extraordinary talent and relentless hard work have not gone unnoticed. He has become a household name in the entertainment industry, gracing the covers of several prominent magazines, including FameUps, Artenzaa, Hollywood Galaxy, New York Weekly, and even. DeMarcus Bumpers just secured a sequel to Paul Pry film and its trail will comes out in Spring 2024.