IT Raid: Income Tax raid on BBC's Delhi-Mumbai office, everyone's mobile seized in account section

BBC Office: Recently there was an uproar in the entire country regarding a BBC documentary on the Gujarat riots. The Central Government had termed this documentary as a propaganda piece.

IT Raid: Income Tax raid on BBC's Delhi-Mumbai office, everyone's mobile seized in account section

IT Raid On BBC Office: Income Tax Department (Income Tax) raid is going on on Tuesday (February 14) at BBC's Delhi and Mumbai offices. Information has been received from sources that the team of Income Tax Department is still in BBC office and the process of raid is going on. IT department officials are going through the papers and computer data in the BBC office. This raid is going on since 11:30 am. 

Sources have told that all the employees present inside the office have been asked not to use the phone. All the employees are kept in the same room. No one can be contacted at the BBC office in Mumbai. It has been learned from sources that the Income Tax officials will take a backup of the electronic devices and hand them back to the people.

Politics on BBC IT Raid

Politics has also started regarding the raid on BBC office. The Congress has tweeted and described the raid as an undeclared emergency. The Congress wrote in a tweet, "First BBC documentary came, it was banned... Now IT raid on BBC. Undeclared emergency."

Uproar over BBC documentary

BBC is a London based media outlet which has been doing journalism in India for many years. Recently, BBC was in a lot of discussion about one of its controversial documentaries. Recently, BBC had released a documentary on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Gujarat riots (2002), on which the Government of India lodged a strong objection.

There was an uproar in the whole country regarding the BBC documentary. The central government had called the documentary a propaganda piece. In a statement issued by the Central Government, it was said that this documentary shows a one-sided perspective, due to which the screening was banned. However, despite the government's ban, it was screened in many universities and colleges. There was a lot of ruckus in Delhi's JNU about it.