Taliban closed the main border between Afghanistan-Pakistan, firing between the two countries

The effect of the sour relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan is visible. The main route of movement between the two countries was closed on Sunday.

Taliban closed the main border between Afghanistan-Pakistan, firing between the two countries

According to the local people, the sounds of firing between the parties of the two countries were also heard on Monday. The Taliban-led government in Afghanistan has ordered the closure of one of the country's main trade and border points with Pakistan, accusing Islamabad of reneging on its commitments. The Afghan Taliban commissioner for Torkham said the border point has been closed for travel and transit trade, Dawn news reported. 

Deteriorating relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan

Cross-border movement between Afghanistan and Pakistan has been suspended since Monday. Officials of both countries informed about this. Along with this, people living in this area have reported hearing the sound of firing in this usually busy area.

It is not clear why authorities in Afghanistan and Pakistan have closed the Torkham border crossing near the Khyber Pass, but the decision comes after relations between Afghanistan's ruling Taliban and Pakistan deteriorated. 

Officials confirm the closure of the border

A spokeswoman for the Taliban administration's police force in the eastern Afghan province of Nangahar said the border had been closed. According to media reports, the border was closed on Sunday evening, but no reason was given. Two Pakistani security officials posted in the area have confirmed that the border has been closed and firing has taken place from both sides. 

Firing on Monday morning as well

The dispute related to the 2600 km long border has been the main reason for the confrontation between the two countries for decades. Torkham Border Point is the main point of movement of passengers and goods between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Mohammad Ali, who lives in Lodhi Kotla, Pakistan, says that the border was closed on Sunday late evening and firing also took place on Monday.

When we heard the sound of firing in the morning, we panicked. We felt that a fight has started between the parties of the two countries. The border conflict between the two countries has been going on for years. 

Pakistan raised the issue of terrorism

Pakistan's foreign minister said during a security meeting in Germany on Sunday that the threat of terrorism from Afghanistan's soil can affect the world. After this statement, the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry of Afghanistan had said that Pakistan should raise this issue in private and not on the public platform. The ministry said that the Taliban management will not allow its territory to be used against other countries.