Violent protests by Trump supporters before Biden's victory in the US, woman dead after being shot in Capitol building.

Trump supporters rallying turned violent when Joe Biden's victory as president was to be announced in a joint session of the US Parliament.

Violent protests by Trump supporters before Biden's victory in the US, woman dead after being shot in Capitol building.

The world's largest democracy appeared in the biggest crisis on Wednesday. The opportunity was not ordinary and the incident too. At the Capitol Building in Washington, the US Congress was debating the Electoral College, and the same was to be followed by an official and legal confirmation of President Elect Joe Biden's victory. At the same time, supporters of the current President Donald Trump started demonstrating in thousands.

Trump supporters entered the Capitol Building and demanded the cancellation of the US presidential election. During this time he became violent and the National Guards had to come into action to stop him. According to a report in the British newspaper Daily Mail, a woman was shot during a demonstration in the Capitol Building. Who died in hospital

The sounds of firing were also heard from the building. According to reports, an explosive device has also been found near the Capitol Building. While Trump supporters were entering the Capitol Building, US lawmakers were asked to wear gas masks, as security forces also had to release tear gas to stop the protesters. As the agitators were entering the building, the officers and security personnel also took out their guns so that they could be controlled when the situation deteriorated.

Curfew announced in Washington

The capitol building has now been secured after violent demonstrations. As a precautionary measure curfew has been announced in Washington. Officials say the curfew will remain in force till Thursday morning.

Trump appealed for a first march and then peace

Security personnel evacuated the House of Representatives and the Senate after protesters entered the US parliament. During this time, Trump supporters were shouting that they had won the election. The demonstrations began when Trump addressed his supporters earlier in the day and appealed to them to march towards the Capitol Building. But, when supporters turned violent, Trump said to cooperate with our police, they are really with us. You guys keep the peace.

Trump said, "I appeal to everyone present in the US capital to remain calm. We are a party to the laws." However, Trump did not ask his supporters to come outside the building, during which Trump supporters appeared to scramble with police to enter the building.

Biden said - fulfill Trump oath and protect the constitution

Amid this violence, President Elect Joe Biden appealed to Trump to appear on national television and defend the Constitution. Biden said Trump should end the nuisance by going on national TV.