North Korea wins over Corona, dictator Kim Jong Un respects military doctors

In North Korea, Kim held an event on Thursday, April 25 at a theater called the House of Culture, where he celebrated the victory of military doctors who fought bravely against Corona by staying on the frontline. During this, he greeted the military doctors.

North Korea wins over Corona, dictator Kim Jong Un respects military doctors

North Korea's dictator Kim Jong Un organized a ceremony in the capital Pyongyang in which he praised military doctors for performing well in the fight against Corona virus infection (Covid-19) in the country. Appreciated and thanked him. This information was given on Friday, quoting the government-run media here.

Let us know that last week Kim Jong Un declared victory against Kovid-19 and announced the easing of the restrictions imposed on Corona. Along with this, thousands of military doctors of the Korean People's Army were also freed, who were deployed on the front line to win the battle of Corona in the country.

Event held in the House of Culture

Kim held this event on Thursday at a theater called the April 25 House of Culture, where he praised military doctors fighting bravely against Corona by staying on the frontline across the country, especially in the populous city of Pyongyang. Celebrated victory.

Salute to army

An official of the KNCA news agency said, "He greeted the military doctors who contributed to defeating Corona in the country's capital Pyongyang in the face of very difficult conditions. Military doctors not only showed their spirit in difficult situations, but also contributed in making our army more powerful and prosperous. He congratulated all the military doctors at the ceremony.

Kim felt bad about this

Significantly, KCNA had informed this week that the military doctors had returned to their respective units without any farewell ceremony on Sunday. Kim felt very bad about the fact that he could not do anything for those who sacrificed so much, did so much for the country. Perhaps Kim organized the ceremony keeping this in mind.

Corona bid farewell to North Korea

It is known that the corona which has troubled the whole world, has become a headache for the whole world. Due to which lakhs of deaths are taking place in the world, North Korea has claimed complete victory from the same corona. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un claimed this victory last week and also announced the easing of strict restrictions imposed for the last three months after cases of corona infection were registered in the country.

The world doubts Kim's claim

However, health experts around the world doubt this claim of North Korea. The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the situation in the corona is more likely to worsen there, not to improve because there is no solid data to test what is right.