Celebrity Skin Care Secret: Get to know the secret of Alia Bhatt's beautiful skin step by step

To get beautiful and glowing skin like Alia Bhatt, you should also take tips from her skin care routine.

Celebrity Skin Care Secret: Get to know the secret of Alia Bhatt's beautiful skin step by step

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt has recently become a mother, but the glow on her face is still intact. Rather, her face has started shining more than before, as if there was no change in her skin during the happiness of motherhood and pregnancy.

But it is not so because Alia Bhatt has mentioned in her YouTube channel that her skin became very sensitive during pregnancy and after that she adopted the skin care routine told by her sister Shaheen Bhatt. 

In this video, Alia has shared her complete skin care routine. Also told that her skin is combination and sometimes patchy and T-zone area becomes oily. So if you also want to get skin like Alia, then definitely take a look at her skin care routine. 

Alia bhatt morning skin care routine

Alia Bhatt has told in the video that immediately after waking up in the morning, she uses a skin cleanser first. Alia also suggests that toners that tighten the skin and make it dry should not be used.

After this Alia uses skin toner. You will find toners in many good brands in the market, but you should use toner according to your skin type.

Alia uses serum in her skin after toner. Serum keeps the skin hydrated and it is like a protective shield for the skin. Not only this, it makes the skin smooth and soft.

After the face serum, Alia applies a very light based moisturizer for day time. Because if you apply heavy moisturizer then the skin can become oily and sticky. Yes, if you are in a very cold place then you should use heavy moisturiser. 

Alia uses sunscreen in the 5th step of her morning skin care routine and never forgets to apply it before leaving the house. You will find not one but many types of sunscreen in the market, but you should choose sunscreen according to your skin type. Not only this, you should apply sunscreen at least every 3 to 4 hours during the day.

Alia's makeup remover

Alia always uses a balm based cleanser to remove makeup, it is oil based and it not only removes the layer of makeup on the skin but also reduces the impurities present in the skin.

Retinol based products

Alia also uses a lot of retinol based products in her skin care routine. It reduces fine lines present in the skin, it boosts collagen and improves skin texture.

Note- Alia's skin is combination as well as sensitive and if you want to adopt Alia's skin care routine, then know about your skin once. You should not use any product without consulting a skin expert. Also do a skin patch test.

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