Eye Flu: If you want to keep your eyes safe from eye flu, then this Ayurvedic remedy will work

Eye Flu These days eye flu is spreading rapidly. Cases of eye flu are continuously coming to the fore from many parts of the country including Delhi. This eye infection is also known as conjunctivitis and pink eye. There is often burning redness and discharge in the eyes. In such a situation, it is necessary to protect the eyes from this serious infection.

Eye Flu: If you want to keep your eyes safe from eye flu, then this Ayurvedic remedy will work

For the past several days, cases of conjunctivitis are being reported continuously from many areas of the country including Delhi. This eye infection, known as eye flu, is quite common in the monsoon, but this year more cases are being reported than in the past few years. Bacteria and viruses caused by heavy rains and water-logging during monsoon are the causes of this infection.

Apart from this, touching the eyes after coming in contact with contaminated water or surfaces can also cause conjunctivitis, due to which there may be burning sensation, redness and discharge etc. in the eyes. In such a situation, it is necessary to take safe steps to protect yourself from this infection. Along with taking precautions, there are some such Ayurvedic remedies, with the help of which conjunctivitis can be avoided, so let's know about this Ayurvedic treatment-

Triphala is beneficial in conjunctivitis

If you want to protect your eyes from this serious infection, then Triphala powder will prove to be a great option. This will not only reduce the risk of eye flu, but will also prove to be very beneficial for your eye health. According to a study by the National Library of Medicine, Triphala is made up of 3 dry fruits Amla, Vibhitaki and Haritaki. The tri in its name means three and phala means fruit. In Ayurveda, Triphala is considered a tridoshik rasayana, which promotes longevity and rejuvenation of people.

Triphala, a combination of three herbs, is known for its ability to cleanse and nourish the eyes. This is the reason why it will also prove to be a great option to prevent eye infections like conjunctivitis.

How to use Triphala

  • To protect your eyes from conjunctivitis, first of all, mix a quarter teaspoon of Triphala powder in half a cup of water.
  • Now boil this water well for one or two minutes, so that all its ingredients get mixed in the water.
  • Now let this mixture cool down and then filter it with the help of a fine cloth or coffee filter.
  • Keep in mind that after filtering the water, there should not be any particle of Triphala left in it.
  • After this, soak a cotton ball in this filtered water and gently place it on your closed eyelids.
  • Now leave it on the eyelids for 10 to 20 minutes. By doing this this herbal extract will benefit the eyes.

Disclaimer: The advice and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.