Heart Health: what are the reasons behind heart attack even at young age? experts review, and tips to keep your heart healthy

Heart Health: the cases of heart attack during workout in the gym are increasing across the country. One such case has come to the fore from Indore. So let's know from the experts the reason for this as well as the tips to keep the heart healthy.

Heart Health: what are the reasons behind heart attack even at young age? experts review, and tips to keep your heart healthy

Heart Health: The cases of heart attacks are increasing day by day among young and healthy adults in India. Recently a case was seen from Indore. Where Pradeep Raghuvanshi, the owner of Vrindavan Hotel, died of a heart attack in the gym. Even before this, many such cases came in the year 2022. When a 35-year-old man died of a heart attack while playing Garba in Mumbai. Another video came from Anand district of Gujarat. In which a 21-year-old youth suddenly falls on the ground while playing Garba and dies instantly.

The third incident took place in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh. Here too, the artist playing the role of Hanuman ji in a program on Navratri died of a heart attack during a live performance. The people who died in all these incidents were not very old. Some were 21 years old, while some were 35 years old. Earlier, where the problem of heart attack was seen in elderly people, now even young people are falling prey to it. What is the reason behind this? People want to know about it because the concern about this problem has increased among the people.

Young people who exercise a lot or take steroids are especially worried about this. Not only this, health conscious Indians also want to know the exact reasons for such deaths. Generally, unhealthy diet, smoking and drugs were considered responsible for heart attack. But now it is not so. Now the person who is healthy and keeps laughing and playing is also having a heart attack. 

There are some reasons that are not much discussed, such as congenital defects, genetic problems, myocardial bridge and cardiomyopathy, etc. can also lead to sudden cardiac arrest. There is an increased risk from these heart diseases or conditions. These are all the things due to which such deaths are being seen more among the youth. 

Difference between heart attack and cardiac arrest

Both heart attack and cardiac arrest are diseases of the heart, which are related to blood circulation. A heart attack occurs when blood flow in the arteries is blocked and that part of the heart dies due to lack of oxygen. Whereas cardiac arrest occurs due to some kind of error in the electrical system of the heart. Because of which the heartbeat suddenly stops. 

Tips to keep heart healthy

Young adults should not ignore any symptoms of a heart attack and to consult a doctor immediately if any occur. He further advises, “When a heart attack occurs in young adults, they have severe chest pain. Then comes the heart attack. Other symptoms may include shortness of breath, pain in the shoulders, arms, and jaw, extreme tiredness, lightheadedness, sweating, and vomiting. Some youngsters put more emphasis on building muscles, instead they should avoid overeating and do aerobic exercise. Focus on yoga and meditation to stay fit.